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Toigo Inclusion Strategy Services

The New ROI : Return on Inclusion

Toigo has worked at the intersection of finance and inclusion for 30 years—our dedicated Toigo Inclusion Strategy Services team applies that expertise to provide valuable, actionable insights to firms committed to fostering and sustaining a culture of inclusion. With a broader mission of inclusion and benefits that derive from being the employer of choice for diverse candidates, our service differs from traditional consulting firms addressing issues relating to inclusion strategies.

Our Team, Your Team

The Toigo Inclusion Strategy Services team includes Toigo team members and an extended, trusted network of experts providing firms with a rich, diverse set of experiences and practical perspectives on each engagement.

Our work focuses on assessing the current environment and providing targeted strategies and counsel to leadership for solving specific inclusion/diversity-related challenges. Often, through our work, we find the initial “issue” goes far deeper than what teams believed their core challenge to be. By organizations identify these upstream challenges, the insights and solutions Toigo provides have deep and sustained impact. We also work closely with D&I Committees and HR/talent teams to address broader issues where inclusion, diversity and leadership intersect.

As a non-profit, our work is mission-driven; of course we want you to succeed but, importantly true to our Toigo heritage, we also want diverse leaders and rising talent to succeed. Our recommendations are anchored to that mission.

Scope of Work

For each engagement, we follow a rigorous framework that shapes our analysis steps and recommendations. We work with organizations of all sizes and all areas of finance, some with strategies in place, others just starting out.

Toigo’s work differs from that of other strategy teams as we operate at the intersection of finance, inclusion and talent. That has been our focus for 30+ years; it is the lens and expertise we bring to every engagement. Our solutions look beyond the numbers to what drives the outcomes; we align our approach to the spirit of the organization and internal partners to ensure ownership to take recommendation forward. 

Our work touches:

  • Culture of inclusion
  • Mission and work of D&I Committees
  • Leadership practices
  • Branding/internal and external communications from a D&I lens
  • Diverse talent retention, recruitment

We may also identify there are new considerations that fall outside of D&I but impact employee engagement and success. Our experience helps us identify those topics and bring them forward to firm management beyond our assignment. While we do not provide training, we can identify where needs exist and provide referrals to proven sources.

Getting Started

If you invest in recruiting diverse talent, but find yourself falling short in growing and retaining that talent, your investments—measured in time, energy, resources—will never be fully realized. Most of all, if you believe as Toigo does that to truly excel, strategies aimed at sustaining an inclusive work environment is needed, we welcome the opportunity to talk.