Catapult & Quant Camp

Toigo Catapult

Toigo Catapult is a one-of-a-kind event geared toward the MBA student looking to build your finance career. Held in the Spring, it’s the culmination of the Toigo Fellowship selection process. During the program, each candidate will be interviewed in person by Toigo Alumni.

Your mastery of the game starts here:

  • Build bonds, share experiences and learn from Toigo’s network – Toigo Alumni, industry luminaries, and recruiters there to make the introductions that can make the difference in your career.
  • Expand your network by connecting with nearly 300 ambitious young professionals entering top MBA programs in the Fall.
  • Discover new career opportunities within finance and assess your skills early to catapult your career.


Toigo Quant Camp

Quant Camp is a one day, all-out intensive training session following Toigo Catapult to prepare you for more than just modeling; our team of world-class trainers will teach you the skills you need turn data into a presentable format that stakeholders at all levels can understand.

Whether you need a refresh or you’re learning Excel shortcuts for the first time, Quant Camp will set you ahead of the curve before you begin business school – giving you access to critical but sometimes cost-prohibitive training and course work. Following the in-person training in April, you will have access to a fall webinar series focused on key topics meant to help you prepare for the recruitment season. Quant Camp is free if you’re registered for Catapult.