Why Toigo

Return on Inclusion

Talent at all levels is increasingly diverse—ethnicity, gender, experiences. If the culture of your organization is not tuned to ensure all talent is poised to contribute and thrive, you are operating at a competitive disadvantage. Fail to address the chasm and the issue grows and grows.

If you invest in recruiting diverse talent, but not growing and retaining that talent into leaders, your investments—measured in time, energy, resources—will never be fully realized. Your competitive difference among all stakeholders will erode.

Building diverse organizations starts by fostering a culture of inclusion—in the boardroom, in meeting rooms, in every interaction. This is your new ROI. This is the mission of Toigo.

We seek to inspire change by advancing diverse leadership

Our work is about both the institution and the individual—on building stronger, more diverse organizations through the inclusion and advancement of under-represented talent.

We started—and have stayed—in finance because we know if we can have a direct impact where capital decisions are made, we can make a difference. Toigo works with leaders at organizations of all sizes, in finance and beyond, to create and implement high impact solutions that drive inclusion and diversity. The result? Stronger returns for all stakeholders.

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Toigo Timeline

Year Event
1989 Robert and Sue Toigo, as Founders of the Institute for Fiduciary Education (IFE), conceptualize the creation of an educational fellowship program focused on careers in financial services.
1990 Introduction of the first class of 7 FSF Fellows at Columbia University that Fall.
1993 The Financial Services Fellowship Program is renamed the Robert A. Toigo Foundation, honoring the visionary work of the late Robert A. Toigo.
1995 Angel Stewart, who joined the staff as Program Director in 1992, becomes Executive Director.
1998 Board of Directors identify need for strategic leadership role of the operations. Nancy Sims joins the Foundation in newly created role of President & CEO, setting a course for the organization’s program growth. Foundation supports 90 Fellows nationwide.
2002 APEx™ leadership initiative is launched as a cutting-edge curriculum presenting practical and soft-skill training to further leadership & advancement agenda.
2005 Toigo PRO™ improves the efficiency and access for Employers to reach Toigo Talent at both the entry and more experienced talent. Alumni announce creation of Alumni endowment Fund with initial pledges totaling $500,000.
2007 Annual Gala hosts 1200 guests. Keynote speaker: William Jefferson Clinton.
2009 Celebrating 20 years of service and achievement in the financial services industry. Toigo Alumnus grants $1 million to support entrepreneurial ventures launched by fellow Alumni. Toigo launches new post-grad Fellowship in private equity with first placement with The Carlyle Group.
2010 Toigo introduces post-graduate programming and services with anchors on board diversity, women in leadership, entrepreneurship.
2011 Toigo Groundbreakers Summit brings together top women leaders for insights and exchange on skills and perspectives around advanced leadership.
2017 The Foundation welcomed former first lady Michelle Obama to the stage at the annual Gala with a special interview by a Toigo Alumna. Toigo Alumni leader announces a gift to the Foundation of $500,000 to grow the mission impact of the organization.
2019 Toigo’s thought leadership contributed to a powerful book and subsequent feature article on experiences of senior black leaders within business. The Foundation presented firsthand perspectives on the lives of leaders and their journeys to positions of leadership. The collective work was a cover story in HBR at year-end 2019. Toigo Inclusion Strategy Services offered support to small to mid-size organizations seeking to build and/or improve the workplace environments. The Foundation served more than 300 students seeking career counsel and support during shelter in place and virtual work environments.
2021 The Groundbreakers women in leadership Initiative is expanded to include a focused program for mid-career professionals in a program called RISE. Participants experienced leadership assessment, coaching, networking, and mentoring.
2023 Six Toigo Alumnae recognized among more than 50 high-impact leading women in institutional investing. The Foundation receives funding from the PREA Foundation to launch a pilot learning intensive in real estate.

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