Toigo “Plugged In” Survey Seeks Inclusion Viewpoints
from Today’s MBA Candidates

Toigo's new MBA-focused survey is seeking insights into the distinct challenges diverse MBA students face in three key facets of the MBA program—academics, community and career development.

The “Plugged In” survey was conceptualized and developed by two current Toigo Fellows, Adrianna Samaniego and Zachary Lopez, both Columbia Business School Class of 2020 candidates and supported by a team of student leaders across 22 campuses nationwide to lead the effort to generate responses. The survey was proposed  as part of the Foundation’s  Vision Award competition with the goal of extending the focus of diversity and inclusion to include key dynamics impacting campus and student life.

MBA candidates of all ethnicities are invited to provide their input before May 1st using the “Plugged In” survey link.

The findings will be released this summer as a way to help employers better understand next generation talent, on-campus issues and more.