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Toigo is redefining leadership within finance.

Our work molds a new generation of leaders that nurture the inclusion of diverse experiences and viewpoints in business and leadership. Our approach fosters collaboration in identifying, navigating, and overcoming challenges – progressing a new way of thinking in the world of investing. Our reach amplifies the voices of those we have positioned for the success of our future. Developing over 2000 professional leaders at every financial asset class, Toigo has dispelled the myth that diverse talent does not exist. 

Toigo’s Reach
and Results

Toigo has developed a tremendously wide and deep network both within the financial services industry but extending to professionals across allied industries – tech, media and entertainment, sports all where today the power of sound financial skills can be leveraged to advance diverse leadership across American business. There has been no limit to the reach Toigo talent has achieved over the past 30+ years including building partnerships, executing deals among themselves, support the business development of each other and igniting the interest of future generations to follow their lead.

Range of Work

Toigo’s Range
of Work

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Our programs and career counsel spans all stages of career; beginning with career visioning, career coaching, industry education, technical skill development and wealth creation. Those touched by our work reflect diversity across industry sector, gender, cultural heritage, and academic background. We fuel our vibrant network year over year to amplify the powerful Toigo brand of excellence.

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Toigo Alumnus


2023 Alumni President and Chief Executive Officer
RLJ Lodging Trust

Shundrawn Thomas

Founder and Managing Partner
The Copia Group, LLC

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