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Corporate Engagement

Toigo has established and maintained partnerships with some of the world’s leading organizations. The Foundation’s mission, unique program delivery and commitment to quality have created relationships that are time honored and mutually beneficial. The Foundation’s focused business approach to supporting the recruitment and diversity goals of its donors ensure alignment and relevance of its work to the issues and opportunities that impact the industry it serves.

Toigo creates a tailored engagement package designed to maximize the firm’s exposure and access to Toigo MBA Fellows, Toigo Alumni and the broader Toigo community. This customized approach is a differentiating aspect of its outreach to potential partners and one of the greatest benefits Toigo delivers to its donors.

Why Institutions Give

Toigo seeks a multilevel approach to engaging with organizations to discuss the full scope of Toigo’s work and ensure that engagement packages meet the needs of its partners. Touch points span all levels, from the most senior leaders of organizations to experienced recruitment professionals, acknowledging the many drivers and priorities that impact institutional engagement.

  • Commitment to the Mission | Organizations engage with Toigo through charitable contributions based on their commitment to diversity. They believe passionately that every individual deserves a chance to contribute and thrive. Toigo’s outstanding reputation for excellence in our work leads many organizations to support our mission year after year. To learn more, please contact
  • Leadership Advancement | Organizations invest millions in developing their talent. Through the Foundation’s industry programming, firms are able to leverage Toigo’s leadership development programs and events to complement their own internal initiatives and to maximize important networking and branding opportunities for their firm. Toigo programs like Groundbreakers and All A Board are helping to drive increased diversity at all levels.
  • Career Connections | Toigo MBA Fellows are highly sought-after—top MBA candidates with diverse cultural experiences—all benefitting from Toigo leadership training and support. Support of Toigo’s MBA programming may include involvement in APEx, MBA Catapult and more.
    Institutions also work with Toigo to identify mid- and senior talent from our Toigo Alumni network—and beyond. Our ToigoPRO™ services are available to Toigo donors as a proven avenue for sourcing highly qualified diverse talent without high premiums often associated with executive search and national advertising.