Toigo MBA Program

Your Gateway to Leadership

Earning your MBA is major decision—and investment. It can be a daunting, all-consuming experience. As a diverse candidate, you’ll face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Why not arm yourself with a trusted, powerful resource?

The Toigo MBA Program prepares and promotes you as you earn your degree and prepare for a career in finance. It’s a two-year program that runs concurrent with your MBA. Explore if this leadership program is right for you—then apply.

Toigo was founded to help reduce the barriers to entry minority MBAs too often face. If you’re selected to join our Toigo MBA Program, we’ll invest in you via leadership development and career coaching. Our work together starts as you’re earning your MBA and continues as you navigate every step of your career as part of the nearly 2000 Toigo community. No surprise, just like the gym, the more you engage, the bigger and better your returns.


Toigo began with a focus on the MBA providing a needed but missing network of career connections, training and support to diverse business school graduates launching careers in finance. We’ve grown from our first class of seven at Columbia to a network of 1,800+ representing 20+ top MBA programs. This early touch with talent, with tomorrow’s leaders, remains core to our mission.

Beginning the first of each year, we issue a call for the best and brightest incoming MBA candidates–diverse men and women* with deep finance, strategy and quantitative skills. More than 500 apply; following a rigorous review and selection process, we identify those who best represent the Foundation’s commitment to excellence, leadership and change.

For firms, Toigo talent represents the highest caliber of rising professionals; once referred to as “the Rhodes Scholars of finance.” Firms work closely with the Foundation and engage in various initiatives as a way to get direct exposure to Toigo MBA Program participants, offer summer intern and potentially full-time career opportunities. Here’s what makes a Toigo MBA Program participant stand-out:

  • PREPARED –  We provide intense training via masterclasses, and finance sector webinars. We’ve tailored our program curriculum as an enhancement to existing MBA courses with the goal of providing leadership training to tackle issues unique to diverse professionals.
  • AWARE – We coach our MBA Program participants to assess their career focus, core strengths and provide mentoring not just at the start but along the full arc of their careers. This hands-on counsel ensures our talent has high self-awareness, communication skills, as well as deep quant skills.
  • EXEMPLARY – Toigo MBA Program participants benefit from stand-out distinction in the eyes of employers and industry leaders. By completing their required leadership curriculum, summer internship, as well as other commitments to Toigo and by remaining in good academic standing during their two years in business school, participants may advance to Alums status upon graduation. 

Connect With Toigo Talent

For firms, there are a number of direct touch points to meet Toigo MBA Program participants and explore summer and/or full-time opportunities. Reach out to discuss how your firm can get engaged.

* Toigo uses the U.S. Census definition of ethnic minorities for diversity; all Fellows must be enrolled in an US-based program (2-year is typical but includes JD/MBA, Masters in Real Estate, Masters in Finance)