TREI Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Toigo Real Estate Intensive guiding principles?

The TREI Guiding Principles are foundational beliefs that drive the program’s commitment to impactful leadership in the real estate industry. They are:
BELIEVE – Trusting in one’s abilities and the power of coaching and training to make a meaningful impact.
BUILD – Committing to fostering strong relationships within the TREI cohort and with diverse professionals.
ACHIEVE – Creating value and profitability while representing and advocating for communities.
SUSTAIN – Prioritizing well-being and responsible investment practices.
LEAD – Inspiring inclusivity and positive change in the industry.
These principles are designed to guide TREI participants in their personal and professional development, ensuring they emerge as leaders with a unique perspective, vision, and a commitment to excellence, ethics, and integrity.

What did Cohort I say are the benefits of their TREI experience?

Cohort I participants highlighted the following benefits from their TREI experience:
Comprehensive Real Estate Education: Participants gained mastery over real estate-specific technical skills alongside an introduction to various industry fields.
One Participant noted, “I thoroughly enjoyed the non-intimidating intro to modeling, and coverage of various RE fields.”
Career Enrichment and Professional Development: TREI provided individualized career coaching and prepared participants for impactful roles within the real estate sector. A Participant remarked, “Enjoyed connecting with other finalists with similar interests and varied backgrounds.”
Networking and Industry Exposure: The program facilitated connections with Toigo Alumni and industry leaders, along with access to structured networking events. As one participant put it, “The networking opportunities with TREI finalists, Toigo Alum/Foundation members, and with current industry professionals were invaluable.”

Diverse and Inclusive Community: TREI promoted diversity and offered a platform for underrepresented professionals to succeed. A participant highlighted, “It was great to see representation in an industry that typically does not have much.”
Access to Expert Insights and Real-World Experience: Participants interacted with senior executives, gaining insights into industry trends and professional advice. One participant shared, “The session on affordable housing was my highlight. The real estate affordable housing, construction, and career panels were the most insightful to the industry.”
Collaborative Learning Environment: The program offers opportunities for group discussions and collaborative learning, which are highly valued. “I loved the opportunity to speak with diverse industry professionals and gain insight in my field [Real Estate Investments],” a participant shared.
Strategic Partnership and Support: Backed by the PREA Foundation, TREI reflected a strong industry commitment to nurturing diverse talent. The ToigoREI Lead said, “TREI, sponsored by PREA Foundation, advances the Foundation’s goals of reaching the next important stage of education critical to the real estate industry.”

What is TREI’s time commitment?

TREI begins open access Real Estate Education and career enrichment workshops from January-March. In May, a multi-day Virtual Conference will be held for Finalists. In June, Cohort II will be selected to participate in the Summer & Fall Intensive Series through December. Cohort II Participants will be expected to devote 6-8 hours monthly while benefiting from asynchronous technical training, industry case studies, masterclasses, and individualized coaching. Select participants will also be invited to attend industry events (i.e., PREA Institutional Investor Conference and more), structured industry recruiting events, and featured as Cohort ambassadors themselves. TREI will primarily occur virtually and Cohort II will receive a monthly programming outline before the intensive starts.

Can I apply to both the Toigo MBA Program and the Toigo Real Estate Intensive?

If you will be entering your first year of your Masters Program in 2025 or have more than two-years of your MBA education remaining, then yes. Additionally, those already participating in the Toigo MBA Program are not eligible for the full TREI experience but will receive invitations to select virtual workshops and masterclasses.

What is the TREI curriculum?

March – May
Info Sessions, Industry Workshops

TREI Finalists Notified and Invited to the TREI Virtual Conference & Networking Event

June – December  
Cohort II Selected

Summer Intensive Series: 
Technical Training & Career Mapping

Fall Intensive Series:
Industry Coaching, Industry Events & Masterclass Workshops

What is unique about the TREI Cohort Participant curriculum?

The TREI Cohort II curriculum is a blend of individualized and cohort-based learning experiences, designed to provide a comprehensive education in real estate. The curriculum includes:
Real Estate Financial Modeling certification course.
Industry master classes on key topics like debt and equity capital markets, market research and trends, and best practices for investment memos.
Virtual learning opportunities that culminate with the opportunity to meet and learn from industry executives.
The curriculum is structured to ensure participants gain a robust and practical understanding of the real estate industry, enabling them to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

What benefits do I receive as a TREI Finalist?

TREI Finalists will continue to receive updates about select industry education webinars, industry recruiting invitations, and opportunities to attend industry events near them from the Toigo network.