Toigo’s nearly 30-year relationship with and service to individuals and industry groups of all types provides a unique perspective and insight into the supply and demand side for diversity and inclusion.  Realizing the importance of ongoing dialogue, education, and clarification around talent profiles and aspirations, Toigo thoughtfully presents its views through articles, white papers, conference presentations and events where our messages can be shared and reflected upon.  This work is delivered by the Toigo team as well as through enlisting key stakeholders close to the organization who are best to lead on a variety of topics from education, career development and ascent to corporate culture, recruitment and retention and more.

All A Board

Toigo’s All A Board provides a tool for individuals and organizations to access diverse candidates with deep finance expertise to serve on public and private companies, non-profits and foundations. Learn more

Bridge to Business is a natural extension of Toigo’s ongoing efforts to support the career aspirations of our Fellows and Alumni — in this case, to help introduce a next generation of investment managers and leaders poised to reshape the investment industry.  Learn more

Our annual event, The Groundbreakers Summit for Women in Leadership, opens doors to new relationships with prominent leaders across government, academic, business, philanthropy, media and more to offer career connections and a dynamic professional development curriculum. Learn more