Supporting Entrepreneurship

Bridge to Business

Launched in 2010 – through the generous financial support of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Bridge to Business has provided counsel and support to Toigo Alumni who are embarking on entrepreneurship and entree into the institutional marketplace.

Representing a cross section of investment strategies, Bridge to Business recipients have utilized the resources of Toigo in a variety of ways:

  • Prudent use of funding to address essential due-diligence expenses.
  • Enhance business development/marketing strategies including websites and client prospect materials.
  • Retain interns to assist in early-day support of ramp up projects.
  • And more….

Toigo’s model for supporting entrepreneurship is holistic – our goal is to help new entrepreneurs develop the requisite skills for starting and growing a business, to create access to an unmatched network of seasoned finance professionals for counsel and advice, and to continuously promote their talents to accelerate successful launch and continuous business growth. 

“I’m excited to see us sponsor some amazing individuals”

Adam Karr
Head of Orbis U.S. and Portfolio Manager
Toigo Alumnus

To date, Bridge to Business has supported the launch of several successful endeavors, some of which include: